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simplybee in civil engineering and architecture

As project or senior construction manager of a real estate project, you are always faced with various challenges. To achieve goals efficiently, processes must be coordinated in planning and implementation. In the end, expect a flawless result.


In this way, simplybee provides you with planning security and optimized processes.

With simplybee, project management becomes very simple.
New construction and remodeling of a property involves a number of above- and below-ground challenges that must be managed wisely. For this purpose, the deployment of the various trades must be planned and the columns coordinated. The central database of simplybee offers effortless and clear distribution of bee points. This results in a high degree of transparency for leaders that does not diminish as the number of contributors increases, and a continuous real-time status of the process.

With role allocation to natural data security
simplybee controls the scope of action of the project participants by assigning roles. Superstructure and project managers have the right to bee points and are responsible for the final acceptance. Polishers forward the bee points and check them when the column has finished processing. Thus skilled workerscan neither createbee points, assign them elsewhere, nor perfom acceptance. The visibility of sensitive information is not only based on the role. simplybee allows external companies to see only the information that is necessary for the completion of the order of their own trade.


Senior and project managers
createbee pointsand
get ready for the final
acceptance states.


distribute bee pointsto columns and inspect them
upon completion.


Skilled worker
work thebee pointswith
their columns.


More planning reliability and foresight
simplybee uses meaningful statuses that a bee point must pass through. Based on this, you can track bee points at any time and see if the project is according to plan. If a circumstance occurs that jeopardizes the planning, you have the possibility to estimate the extent and, for example, to avoid further delays by targeted additional deadlines. simplybee knows it’s not about having the perfect plan, but not losing sight of the big picture and focus on execution even in tricky times.

simplybee enables your project to have a holistic intelligent workflow!

The valuable labor and monetary capital saved can now be invested in further opportunities
invested to optimize work processes.

These are our add-ons

simplybee x Acceptance Report
We have programmed a digital acceptance protocol that documents the completeness and progress of the construction. The use in the construction phase allows the display of progress with simultaneous control and logging. You can effortlessly check that all protocols, documents and approval are in place. Thus, we have created a practical system that will fully round your project.


Worth more than user licenses!

You pay for access, not for users.


simplybee + simplybee on site


The digital protocol for the acceptance of the construction project.