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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1) What can simplybee do?

In action, simplybee digitizes the entire planning and construction process and becomes a fundamental part of optimized task tracking and problem identification. Any number of project participants can work with the content management system. Each user has his clearly defined area of responsibility and only the access rights associated with it. In this way, the respective employee receives all the information that is relevant for his or her decision – quickly and in an easy-to-understand manner.

2) What are bee points?

The termbee points is the unified term for all information and discussion points in simplybee. These include, for example, punch points, notes, points of interest, NCRs, and all those points that are part of your work environment.

3) How does your app support me?

In many places, you lack access to the Internet, whether it is due to the non-existence of WLAN or an extremely poor connection that takes minutes to query. This leads to undesirable delays in processing on construction sites. Therefore, download the relevant bee points online to your mobile device in advance, which can then be processed offline by you on the construction site or in the plant. Even create new bee points on site, which you can upload online. simplybee includes all newly generated and modified points in the system, so that any reworking is unnecessary.

4) Do I need to install simplybee?

No. We do not want to support the rigidity of programs by installing them on individual devices. With simplybee you are as flexible as possible. Therefore, you can reach and operate simplybee regardless of location and time via the web browser.

5) How can simplybee be connected with the other systems and software?

We believe in teamwork. Therefore, we offer a high interface compatibility, whereby the work in and out of a system as with, e.g. CAD data import and export seamlessly overlap into each other. An email service automatically notifies you of progress and changes.

6) What do you mean by simplybee x navisworks?

Viewing sessions result in changes being made by those responsible in the planning process, resulting in new or changed data appearing in Navisworks. These found discussion and decision points, bee points, can now be transferred efficiently, loss-free and automatically into simplybee through the interface we programmed. Thus, we noticeably facilitate your work.

7) What do you mean by simplybee x Mechanical Completion respectively Acceptance Report?

With our in-house programmed tool, we optimize your acceptance into a seamless, time-saving and audit-proof process.

8) What is your pricing model?

simplybee can be purchased as a Software as a Service solution, where you do not pay for each user, but for the number of concurrent accesses.

9) How is our project documented with simplybee?

simplybee automatically creates audit-proof documentation so that it is possible to track at any time which action in the software was performed when and by whom.

10) Which information do I not see?

simplybeeis fully DSGVO compliant and displays information only according to role.

11) What other advantages do I have?

There are no limits when it comes to connecting information: Add documents, images, voice messages, drawings as well as notes in a wide variety of formats to your bee points. Now not only the results from viewing sessions find a place, but also delivery delays, assembly problems or the painting of a railing in a different color – easily digitize knowledge from the real project world.

12) Human communication - one construction site

Structure creates security! Written tasks with deadlines and staff assignments provide clarity, overview and a solid basis for discussion. The uniform working basis ensures fewer points of friction in the subject and in the interpersonal area.